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Play-Arp is an online church-organ, which I programmed for With Play-Arp you have the worldwide unique opportunity to play one of the internationally most valuable and most beautiful baroque organs. Many organ fans and experts pilgrimage to Hamburg to … Read More


4-channel electro-acoustic tape music The “Omega Projekt” was initiated by theatre author and director Dr. Michael Huber. He wrote a fascinating and associative theatre play about Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. The first part “Das Herz der Materie” was permiered in … Read More


eden.eden, 2.7.2016, City-Nord-Park Hamburg performance for violin, computer, architectural object and dancers Live-Performance for violin solo and Max for Live based electronics. A video made with a head camera worn by of one of the dancers can be found here … Read More

A Table

Pia Maria Martin, A Table, excerpt, stop motion film, 2 channel, Super 16 mm cameras. 5:32 minutes Edition of 5 + 1 A.P. The music for A Table was composed 2015 für violin, kitchen utensils, drums / effect instruments and … Read More

well tempered vibes for disklavier

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Piece for self-playing piano, controlled (“composed”) in realtime. Software built with cycling74 Max. Premiere: February 13th, 2006, HfMT-Hamburg, concert „DUET FOR ONE – DISKLAVIERKOMPOSITIONEN“ A chord-generator produces four-voiced chords according to changing rule-sets. For all these chords, a virtual fundamental … Read More

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