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weather-interactive installation for a solar energy plant, sounds and video
Premiere: 18.02.2004, HfBK Hamburg

Within a collaboration project between HfMT Hamburg (Academy of Music Hamburg) and HfBK Hamburg (Academy of Fine Arts Hamburg) Martin Frantzius designed an installation, in which the “Sonnenfalle” plays the main role. This solar energy plant was created as a project within a competition for students of the Department of Architecture.
The basic idea was to let the weather  influence the composition of video and sound. Martin von Frantzius wrote a computer program that receives and evaluates the instantaneous power of the “Sonnenfalle” and controls various components with it. Videos and sounds of the making of “Sonnenfalle” are mixed together and deformed depending on the activity of the energy plant.
The result is an ever-changing composition of image and sound , which is controlled by the sun.