gedrängt vorüberziehend

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for piano trio

Premiere: October 10th 2006, HfMT Hamburg – On the occassion of the award ceremony for “Hermann und Annemarie Rauhe Preis” 2006 for Martin von Frantzius and the “Evrus-Trio”
Recording of premiere by “Evrus-Trio”.
If a piano is part of an ensemble, all other instrumentalists have to tune their instruments after it. In addition, they have to adjust their intonation to the well tempered piano tones, which would not be necessary, for example in a string quartet. The harmonies in “gedrängt vorüberziehend” try to counteract this automatism. Although the restriction of the piano on twelve notes (keys) per octave must be taken into account, the more flexible string instruments can enrich the piano tones with spectral details. In order to keep the joy of playing, some harmonic more free passages are integrated.