im Schatten geblendet

for Violin, Violoncello, Saxophone, Drum Set and Live Electronics (cycling74 Max)

Premiere: September 9th, 2008, opera stabile (Hamburger Staatsoper) with Ensemble Intégrales

Violin – Barbara Lüneburg
Violoncello – Sonja Lena Schmid
Saxophone – Burkhard Friedrich
Drum Set – N.N. (please tell me)
Live-Electronics- Marko Ciciliani

The piece moves between extremes: one pole forms delicate passages with subtle interval differences, new ways of harmonic thinking and sophisticated changes in the surround sound of the instruments and their acoustic color.
The other pole is charged with noisy cumulations like in a punk concert or on a dancefloor where loops blare through bad club speakers. At some point the live-electronics slowly get out of hand and completely drown out the instrumentalists, so that they are barely audible and mostly reduced to purely visual exhibits. Everything may be – a playful, thinking music, but also archaic expression or destruction.
A tribute to the rather unstable life of my generation, which gives on the one hand best and almost infinite possibilities, but on the other hand a permanent feeling of uncertainty, if we took the right decisions or if there is the need to reinvent ourselves for the nth time.