inflective transactions

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for three Drummers, Bassclarinet and Doublebass with individual Click-Traks

Sorry for the bad video/recording. The piece has a wide dynamic range and should be recorded with many microphones (instead of a poor video camera…)

Premiere: November, 11th, 2010, Kampnagel, Hamburg
Hamburger Klangwerktage
„Alles zu seiner Zeit“
Stefan Weinzierl and Friends

Five instrumentalists, five headphones, five different click-tracks.
Some composing ideas: there are no abrupt tempo-changes but a lot of ritardandi and accellerandi. Each instrument has its own click-track which leads to a flexible tempo-progress. In some parts of the piece the instruments drift apart, but suddenly they meet / reunite again on a certain beat. Complex polyrhythms and soundstructures emerge. Nevertheless the structure forms a piece far from an excess of a technical experiment.