farbige Wolken für Violine solo

dedicated to Christiane Edinger
UA: Martin von Frantzius, 20.01.2003, HfMT Hamburg

Recording: Martin von Frantzius, live, Museum für das Fürstentum Lüneburg, February 14th, 2008

The violin is known as a typical melodic instrument. My aim was not to compose another violin piece in that manner, but to explore other more ambient-sounding possibilities.

After experimenting a while, I discovered the possibility of playing extended trills with more than two involved fingers (up to four). The fingers have to touch the strings one after another. In that way “colored soundclouds” with up to seven audible notes are getting possible. This technique, which I call “Multitriller” (multitrill) builds the main material in this piece. Untill now, I never saw anything like this in other scores. Please correct me, if you know someone who used this before. I’m very interested!

The piece starts very soft and ends in a trance-like sound plateau.
In 2014 I combined “farbige Wolken” with a light choreography. (Performed at Meßmer Momentum, Hamburg, spring 2014)