Schatten (1923)

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Schatten Directed by: Arthur Robison, 1923 Silentmovie scoring project for string sextet, vibraphone and clarinet. Music composed by Martin von Frantzius. UA: 28.06.2004, HfMT Hamburg Recorded with substantial support by F. W. Murnau Stiftung I opened this excerpt for the … Read More

Streichtrio 2003

for Violine, Viola und Violoncello dedicated to Victor Suslin (†10.07.2012) Premiere: Autumn 2003, Students from HfMT Hamburg at HfMT Hamburg. Thank you very much! It was the best performance! In this movement for string trio, Jazz-/Ambient like harmony meets the … Read More

Hamburg Revisited

Hamburg Revisited for Quintet Net (Laptop-Quintet) Quintet-Net is a software based on Max/Msp, which is developed by Georg Hajdu (professor for multimedia composition at HfMT Hamburg). Premiere: Summer 2003, HfMT Hamburg  

BackBeat 2003

Premiere: 23.06.20003, HfMT Hamburg, Martin von Frantzius, Laptop Interactive rhythmic composition based on an MaxMsp Patch, which allows to play polyrhythmic structures. Back Beat was inspired by David Wessel’s “16th Beaters”. Main features: probabitlity for each beat velocity for each … Read More

Klaviertrio 2001

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dedicated to Jan Baruschke Premiere in 2001, MH-Lübeck (Academy of Music, Lubeck) Recording of the Premiere, played by Jan Baruschke (violin) and friends An early and maybe not that artistic composition of mine. Cinematic 🙂 Nevertheless I still like this … Read More

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